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Abortion pill pack is the best, painless and most easiest way to terminate the unwanted or unplanned pregnancy. Abortion pill pack is made of 5 types of medicines namely 1 Mifepristone 200mg and 4 Misoprostol 200mcg each, in addition to these pills there are 3 more medicines which help to treat the side effects like heavy bleeding, nausea and cramping etc. One can buy Abortion Pill Pack online with assurance of safety and privacy.

To terminate the unplanned pregnancy caused due to unprotected sex, millions of women avail the benefit of this medication. It is very easy to buy this medicine online and this medication is not at all expensive yet gives the effective results and also ensures privacy along with termination of pregnancy.

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How does Abortion Pill Pack work?

Abortion Pill Pack is the only pack which makes the termination of unwanted pregnancy easier yet effective as well as cost effective. This pack contains Mifepristone which acts as a primary tablet and a secondary pill named Misoprostol which are used to terminate pregnancy. Mifepristone blocks the progesterone hormone, which is a pregnancy hormone and is necessary to continue and maintain the pregnancy. This causes the widening or dilation of cervix and it stops any development of fetus. This happens because fetus gets separated from the uterus and lacks oxygen and required for the fetal nutrition. Misoprostol must be taken after the Mifepristone pill. This medication is a prostaglandin analogue which leads to the contractions of the womb required to expel the embryo. When uterus contracts it tries to reveal out or pushes out the embryo. During this women may experience heavy bleeding and cramping for a couple of hours or days.

What does Abortion Pill Pack comprise of??

This package must be practiced in the duration of initial 7-9 weeks of pregnancy but it works well till 12th week of pregnancy. The package contains 5 types of medicine in totality, Mifepristone (which is the primary pill), Misoprostol (the secondary pill which needs to be taken after consuming Mifepristone, Anti-inflammatory, Antiemetic and Blood Coagulant tablet.

Dosage for Abortion Pill Pack

If a woman wants to take this medication then she must not be greater than 12 weeks pregnant. Both Mifepristone and Misoprostol tablets help to terminate the pregnancy with ease and at leisure of home. This package also contains some more pills which help to treat any side effects arising from the abortion procedure.


Take Mifepristone 200mg pill orally with water. For faster results women are recommended to take this pill on an empty stomach. This tablet contains synthetic steroid which is helpful to stop progesterone hormone from maintaining the pregnancy and growth of the fetus. Abortion is successful when the lining of uterus breaks and the fetus gets separated from the endometrial support.


There are 4 pills of Misoprostol 200mcg (each tablet) . A total of 800mcg tablets are in the package. Misoprostol should be taken after 3 days of intake of the Mifepristone tablet. These pills must be taken by keeping them under the tongue or inside cheek pouches or inserted vaginally and this is as per the consumers choice. This tablet must not be chewed, broken, crushed or swallowed. Once the tablet melts under the tongue in 30 minutes, whatever is left over of the medicine, swallow it without water. Immediately the tablet starts its function and the contraction of uterus begins in the womb and it starts expelling the embryo. Hence the pregnancy gets terminated. If you face any side effects then you have additional medicines given in the package to control them.


If you experience side effects like vomiting or nausea then this tablet will help to prevent this kind of side effect. This comes in the dosage of 4mg. As soon as you take this medication it helps to stop vomiting and nausea.

Flexon MR

At the time of completion of the abortion process, contraction of womb happen leading to stomach pain and cramps. This medication plays a vital role of muscle relaxant to relieve  pain, discomforts and abdominal spasms.


If any women experiences heavy bleeding while the abortion process is on and if the loss of blood is more than the usual periods, you may want to control the bleeding, then take this tablet. Ethamsylate 250mg tablet minimizes the blood loss as it is a blood coagulant.

Side Effects

Abortion Pill Pack does not cause any extreme side effects. During this medication one must avoid alcohol and smoking. Some of the usual side effects are dizziness, loss of appetite, vomiting, stomach ache, queasiness, faster heartbeat rate, exhaustion, weakness in the body. These symptoms will not continue for long time however, the use of the provided medicines will help you control such issues.

Contraindications of Abortion Pill Pack

There are some scenarios where women must not take this medication to terminate pregnancy which are as follows:


If the women of age more than 35 years and is suffering from any infections, bleeding issues, uterine disorders or taking the medicines for blood thinning. Such individuals are advised to avoid taking this medicine. Women with migraine issues, elevated blood pressure levels, diabetes must not take this medication unless they speak with their doctor.


If you’ve any allergies with the ingredients of this package then you must talk to your doctor  before using the pack. Make sure your pregnancy is not ectopic and you are not facing any liver, kidney, heart disorders. Bleeding may be heavier during the intake of this medication so you should use large sanitary pads. Avoid physical labor which might make your body weaker.


Store it in a cool and dry place at room temperature (250C). This medicines should be kept away from sun light and heat. Keep this drug away from children and pets. Do not flushed down in toilets or thrown in drainages. Dispose the medicine properly if not used or expired.