Ovral L


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Ovral L is a pill that is an oral contraceptive pill. This medication is largely made up of 2 ingredients namely Ethinyl Estradiol and Levonorgestrel. Buy Ovral L online and each Ovral L contains 30 µg of Ethinyl Estradiol and 150 µg of Levonorgestrel. This medicine is a combination of an oral contraceptive drug. In simple words we can say the pill is a combo of low doses of progestin and oestrogen that is sufficient to put brakes on unplanned or unwanted pregnancy.

Ovral L has many names and many a times it is also called as Alesse, Levlen, Enpresse, Levlite, Aviane, Lutera, Lessina, Portia, Lybrel, Sronyx and Trivora. These products look similar to Ovral L and in rare cases the ratio of composition might change. This medication does not cause any kind of severe side effects. Collateral benefits in dysfunction of mensus make this more versatile and hot selling in most of the females.


Ovral L – An Excellent and Effective Birth Control Pill

Ovral L composition and package

This tablet is most often called as an active pill, which contains synthetic 0.030mg of Ethinyl Estradiol (oestrogen) and a synthetic 0.150mg of Levonorgestrel (progestin). It comes in a blister pack containing 21 pills and this medicine is also available in blister packaging containing 28 pills. In the 28 pills package, there are 21 pills which act as active hormones and remaining 7 acts as placebo or dummy pills. The placebo pills are made of ingredients which are non-medicinal but have significance. The active tablets are white colored while the placebo pills are of pink colored and this is done to identify the active and passive pills from the pack.

Ovral L Action Mechanism

In most of the women we can find hormones feedback loop showing its actions at different levels in women body. The 2 hormones which originate in brain, which act on the womb (uterus) and ovary are FSH and LH. The hormone named FSH continuously alleviates the thickness and makes the womb lining favourable for the reception of zygote or an egg while the other hormone LH starts its activity by promoting the burst of the ovary in the mid cycle for the eggs release in the process of fertilization. When you take these medicines,  the synthetic progestin and oestrogen exogenously by Ovral L tablets, these hormones starts flooding blood stream and stop the release of LH and FSH (gonadotrophic hormones) by blocking them. This process disturbs and halts  the ovulation process. Later the soggy and unnaturally ripe womb lining is formed which fails to allow the implantation of the egg. In usual conditions during the mid cycle of a women, generally the cervix stays thin. When this medicine is administered then the cervix thickens, which in turn reduces the movement of sperms towards the cervix causing decreased counts of the sperm which aren’t healthy enough to conceive.


These kinds of synthetic hormones are consumed for duration of 3 weeks. If abruptly stopped, endometrium artificially ripens in presence of these hormones. In case these hormones are absent then endometrium shedding takes place. This leads to bleeding which happens unnaturally due tot eh medicines and is called as the withdrawal bleed which usually happens at the end of the tablet course. This mediicne shows the high efficacy in preventing the unwanted pregnancy in most of the cases. This medication shows the very low failure rate of may be 2% at the max.

How to use the Ovral L?

If you are using Ovral L for the very first time then you need to start on the first day of your periods. In case if you’re already used this medicine then you can consume it seven days after the previous active pill was consumed or else directly after the consumption of the placebo tablet and you need not worry about the withdrawal bleed. Initially, one must always consume only the active pill. At the same time of the day everyday you must take one active pill. It is advised to consume active pill at bed time. Once the 21 active pills are over then only you should go for placebo pills which are pink in color. This package of medicines can be started at any point of time after the initial trimester abortion or miscarriage, in cases of second trimester miscarriage or termination of pregnancy then you must consume after 3 to 4 weeks.

Missed dose

In case you’ve missed one pill then take it as soon as you remember, if it is more than 12 hours and you’re close to the next pill intake then also you’re advised to take the pill immediately.

Side effects

Some of the general side effects observed during the intake of Ovral L are nausea, changes in the body weight, diarrhea, vomiting, rashes, headaches, bloating, allergies, mood swings, congestion in breast, changes in the libido, infection in vagina, vision imbalance. These symptoms are short lived and will not last longer. In case of heavy bleeding one must need medical assistance so please ensure you have proper medical assistance available if needed.

In very rare cases it might cause severe effects like clotting of blood in the veins, arteries, strokes, cardiac arrest, jaundice, gall stones in gall bladder, benign liver tumor. But these have been reported as a very rare instances.